KUSTURICA’S SCHOOL IN ANDRIĆGRAD: Programs for entrance exam for Department of Dramaturgy and Department of Sound Recording and Sound Design

ИСКРА на Фејсбуку
Фото: М. Цветковић

Фото: М. Цветковић

In October this year, the College of Dramatic Arts in Andrićgrad, with its Department of Cinema and Television Directing, Department of Acting, Department of Dramaturgy, Department of Editing and Post-production, Department of Cinematography, and Department of Sound Recording and Sound Design, will welcome its first generation of students. The College will be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities, while a special collection of written material to meet the needs of students is being compiled. Under the guidance of the biggest names from the world of the dramatic arts, the College will enable its students to put the theoretical knowledge they acquire into practice.



Candidates are required  to submit, with the application and documentation,  one of its stage play (published or unpublished) or screenplay for a feature film or a TV-film, or radio drama, and theoretical work in the field of theater and film dramaturgy, written in Serbian language (*or English only for foreign students), typed on a computer, submitted in three printed copies and in electronic form (Word or PDF file) to an e-mail of College of Dramatic Arts, Andrićgrad.

Exam to check the specific aptitude consists of two eliminatory parts:

First part

  1. a) Analysis of the attached work (drama or scenario) by the Commission
  2. b) Screening of the film followed by a written analysis of the film;
  3. c) Writing a dramatic scene on the topic in the media of your choice (theater, film, radio or television).

After reading the papers and expert analysis, the Commission decides on the candidates who are eligible to join the second part of the exam.


Second part

Oral examination in front of  the Commission includes: a conversation about the works of the candidate; check of general knowledge in the field of theory and history of theater and film, international and domestic drama and film. General knowledge of literature and art is going to be checked also, as well as knowledge of recommended literature from the list.


Recommended literature:

Aristotel: POETIKA, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Beograd, 1990.

Čezare Molinari: ISTORIJA POZORIŠTA, Vuk Karadžić, Beograd, 1982.

Jovan Hristić: O TRAGANjU ZA POZORIŠTEM, Gradska narodna biblioteka „Žarko Zrenjanin“, Zrenjanin, 2002.

Fransoa Trifo: HIČKOK, Institut za film, Beograd, 1987.

Stjuart M. Kaminski: ŽANROVI AMERIČKOG FILMA, Prometej, Novi Sad, Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Beograd, 1995.

Dejvid A. Kuk: ISTORIJA FILMA 1, 2 i 3, Klio, Beograd, 2005-2007.

SVETLO U TAMI – NOVI HOLIVUD, Klio, Beograd, 2002.

NOVA FILMSKA EVROPA, Klio, Beograd, 1999.



Program for entrance exam for Department of Sound Recording and Sound design 2016/17


All candidates applying for admission are obliged to take the entrance examination in order to enroll the shool.

Photo, which candidate shall submit to the required documentation, must clearly show the face of the candidate. It is recommended that photo can not be older than 6 (six) months.

The candidate is required to attach self-made audio clip of short work of free themes and forms, duration up to 2 minutes, together with his application form. To create this work it is necessary to use sound effects, music and speech. During the entrance examination the following will be measured: the idea, the ability of expression and aesthetic sense for creation of the sound image, and technical quality of record is not crucial.

The recording has to be attached on CD (AUDIO CD format, 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo, and not DATA such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, …).

With audio CD candidate submits a detailed written explanation of the audio devices used for the realization of audio work and procedure. On the CD that is submitted must be written the name and surname of the candidate, the name and duration of the fact mono/stereo.

The candidate must provide a general medical certificate and a special certificate on the health status of hearing with the audiogram issued by official specialized medical institution, not older than 6 (six) months.


The exam consists of four eliminatory parts:

First part

Written test to verify basic knowledge of general culture and information from area of film, television, radio, theater, music and audio technology. The test consists of 60 questions. Solving the test takes 30 minutes.

The candidate who correctly answer at least 38 questions acquires the right to proceed with the second part of the entrance exam.


Second part

  1. a) Checking musicality
  2. b) A written analysis of the sound image of film clip which will be shown on the exam.

A candidate who has successfully passed the verification of musicality, acquire the right to accede to the third part of the exam.


Third part

  1. a) Checking the ability of recognition of sounds, musical instruments and musical composition,
  2. b) Check the preferences and basic knowledge in the field of audio engineering.


Fourth part

  1. a) Interview – during a conversation tendencies, abilities, personality traits and common interests of the candidate for the study program will be tested.
  2. b) Analysis of compulsory practical work supplied to an audio compact disc;
  3. c) Practical checks of creative ability of the candidate in the process of mixing voice, effects and music in the context of a given film inset.

Programs for the entrance exams for the two study programs for Department of Cinema and Television Directing and Department of Acting are determined.

Common part for all students is test of general culture.

For Department of Cinema and Television Directing is necessary to prepare:

  1. Short story – scenario.
  2. Photo strip-story through photography.
  3. A brief monologue – something by William Shakespeare.


For Department of Acting is necessary to prepare:

  1. Monologue: Hamlet’s advice to the players – William Shakespeare.
  2. Monologue from comedy of domestic playwright.
  3. A song by candidate’s choice.


The Head of Departments will be eminent lecturers and renowned experts in their respective fields: Emir Kusturica, Zoran Cvijanović, Srđan Koljević, Svetolik Mića Zajc, Goran Volarević and Slobodan Mihajlović.


The entrance exams for the College of Dramatic Arts will be held in Andrićgrad between 26th and 30th September 2016. Applications should be sent via post to the address Trg Nikole Tesle bb, Andrićgrad, 73240 Višegrad or by email to vsduandricgrad@gmail.com.



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